I am a saint for seamen
What is easter?

An excuse to get drunk. Yeah, fuck man!

Drunk and getting in touch with old friends.. That;s how life is. Fuck. man.

Carpathian - Cursed
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Carpathian - Cursed

The realisation that I still don’t know what I’m doing here,
Put in perspective I am nothing, we are nothing
It feels like something has been wasted, and I am fading
Time is growing against me as I grow tired of being
Just another soul spent searching for something inside,

I hate my fucking guts, I hate desire, I hate lust,
I hate humanity, I hate instinctively, I hate this fucking world for fucking hating me

The chasm in my chest
Screams of resounding emptiness
I’ve never tasted this bitterness
I never felt this solitude, worthlessness

So what great vision is this to sail amongst the vast indifference?
Accept a trail to hollow senses, where only tragedy breaks the numbness
So what great epiphany, will spell out beneath my feet?
Chain my wrists, and admit defeat, imprisoned by ‘the clarity’
So is this destiny, a doubtful life, feeling empty?
Worst of all to make me guilty, blindest of the blind, telling me to see
I might hate this world, I might hate myself
But I wont be a wasted soul, another ghost like everyone else

Carpathian - Sun Heights
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i’m on my own against the world and i’ve never felt so fucking cold.

Guess I’ll just play solitaire for a few hours.

I love Kate Nash.